Thank You, Professor Scott

Thank you, Professor Scott!

I just wanted to say thank you for teaching classes that are so hands on. I have learned so much this semester and have actually enjoyed school for the first time in a long time.

I would have never tried to teach myself WordPress on my own. I am so glad you encouraged me by making your class a good balance of fun and challenging.

I have found something I enjoy doing, and I plan to continue doing it.  I have a million new ideas for blogs that I am genuinely excited to start, and for that, I say thank you.


Presley Green



Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary

GrandPaw’s, Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a nonprofit rescue that takes in senior dogs from shelters, specifically over seven years old. They are in Mt. Juliet at 12110 Lebanon Rd.

They do this specific act of civic duty because many people do not want to adopt old dogs because they do not have a long lifespan. The dog’s health and medical bills are typically a concern too. With this in mind, many elderly dogs do not get adopted and end up euthanized in a shelter.

To counter this, GrandPaw’s finds forever foster homes for the dogs, and cover all of the medical expenses.  They look for fosters in the Middle Tennessee area to provide loving homes and the basic needs for the senior dogs.  They even older dogs from Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter before they spend too long in the shelter. GrandPaw’s typically has 120 dogs in their care, according to their website.

GrandPaw’s hopes their fosters keep the dogs for the remainder of their life, and “will consider taking in additional dogs once our beloved friends cross the rainbow bridge.”

Their mission statement is:

“A dog’s personality just gets sweeter with time.

Through a network of Forever Foster homes and at our Sanctuary, we provide loving homes, good food, high-quality vet care, compassion, and comfort to senior dogs who still have a lot of life left to live.

We are committed to celebrating the charm and unmatched companionship of senior dogs, while also educating the public about the joys and challenges of adding a senior dog to their family.”

The Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary can keep providing homes and care for senior pets in our area through donations and volunteers. Donate to Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary by

Sending a check to

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
12110 Lebanon Rd
Mt. Juliet, TN, 37122

Visiting to donate via PayPal or credit card

Using the Donate Button on their Facebook Page

The Sanctuary has a big beautiful garden for the dogs. It requires some up keep that volunteers could be very helpful with. There are many ways you can volunteer and get involved.

  • Dog Care
  • Retail
  • Gardening
  • Home Visits
  • Transportation
  • Building Maintenance
  • Computer Work
  • Events


Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a great place to get some volunteer hours, give back to your community and maybe even find the perfect companion for you.



The Dragonfly Consignment Boutique

The Dragonfly Consignment Boutique is located in Mt. Juliet at 3548 Mt. Juliet Road, right across for Mt. Juliet Middle School. The owner is Carla Rkacs, and oh my has she put together such a beautiful and diverse store.

If you are like me and like to decorate you NEED to stop by. They have a little bit of everything. It definitely has a thrift store vibe to it, but it is all staged so well and in such good quality.

They have a wide selection of furniture. I saw a floral vintage recliner and loveseat set that I wish I had room for. Their furniture ranges from new to old in so many variations. They have walls full of artwork and mirrors.

Also, Dragonfly Consignment has a wide jewelry section, so wide they are no longer accepting jewelry. The store has such a homey feel to it and the employees are always so welcoming.

You can stop by to check them out or visit their website or facebook. 

For some pictures of Dragonfly Consignment and a few other local businesses, you can check out a sound n slide I made.

Thanks for the read,


Universal Gymnastics

Universal Gymnastics has been located in Mt. Juliet at 5003 Market Place. Ms. Vicky is the owner. Universal offers a lot more than what it seems.

Universal is not only a for gymnastics classes. It offers after-school care, open gym, birthday parties, movie nights, a competitive team, dance classes, summer camps and an American Ninja Warrior Course.

They offer specials classes in Urban movement, using one’s body and momentum, similar to parkour. They teach safe and efficient ways to progress in climbing, jumping, vaulting, and twisting while using air awareness.

Their ninja course offers classes for ages nine and under and classes for ten and up. The class for younger kids is to prepare for the course by improving strength, balance, and coordination.

The class for ages ten to adults is running the obstacles course that is similar to the American Ninja Warrior course. Both classes are $68 a month for once a week sessions. Both the ninja courses and the urban movement class requires a dress code for safety, a fitted tank top or shirt and pull on shorts. No buttons, zippers, denim, jewelry, or baggy clothes will be permitted. Socks and shoes are required for the ninja course.

Universal has a great website, where you can see everything they offer, and even enroll in your classes and sign the waiver to be ready to participate. You can also check their facebook page out. Universal is a great place that personally has my recommendation to anyone, of any age. There are so many recreational events for everyone, from toddlers to adults.


Sister’s Whimzy

Hello, Presley here. This week, I convinced Devan to go shopping with me at a couple of boutiques in Mt. Juliet.  I recorded and edited it into a little videocast that you can find here.

The next place we went to was Sister’s Whimzy on Mt. Juliet Rd. Another uniqueboutique right in the middle of downtown Mt. Juliet.

It is a very cute and rustic store. The owner was so friendly and welcoming of me recording.

This store has some clothing but a lot of accessories, knick knacks, and household items.It has a lot of wall art and decorative items. The store has such a one of a kind feel to it.

They have such a large store, that is perfectly cluttered, so I can not begin to describe all of the products they offer. You’ll have to go see for yourself.

Sister’s Whimzy has lots of jewelry and typical boutique style clothing; dressy tank tops, baseball tees, long dresses, and jewelry to bring it all together.

They cover all the mom needs, offering tote bags, wine glasses, beach hats, coasters and candles.

Sister’s Whimzy also offers cute accessories and decorations for younger people and children as well. The name Sister’s Whimzy doesn’t even describe how whimsical this store is. There is something shiny and pink everywhere you look. Sister Whimzy has so many cute trinkets and charms. They are all so unique, I really wonder where they get them. Even the little mismatched dishes holding the charms are so cute and vintage.

This was my first time visiting the store, and I am in love with it, and I know you will be too. Be sure to stop by and check them out, but not on a Sunday or Monday!


Thanks for reading, catch ya later      -P

Jewell Fashion Obsession

Hello, Presley here. This week, I convinced Devan to go shopping with me at a couple of boutiques in Mt. Juliet.  I recorded and edited it into a little videocast that you can find here.

The first place we went was Jewell Fashion Obsession. They are a clothing and accessories store that always has great sales going on.

They have a wide selection of jewelry that always has a sales rack. Plenty of chokers, bracelets, earrings, and its always on top of the trends.

They also have a big selection of shoes. They carry so many styles, you can find sandals, heels, and boots in almost any color and height.

The store has such a unique style, even their concrete floors are chic. Jewell Fashion Obsession also carries lots of clothing that is always in style with such great deals. Don’t take it from me, go check it out for yourself!

I have some more pictures here, if you would like. -P

Local Restaurants in Mt. Juliet

So most of these I found in the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce Business Directory . There is plenty more listed there. But these are a few of my favorites. I love Gourmet Donuts. The owner is so kind and hardworking. The juice bar is another one of my favorites.

I actually haven’t been in the Rythm Saloon, but I loved the little cafe that was in the building before it. I imagine it has the same feel to it. It looks like a pretty neat place.

Burger IM

Calabria Pizzaria

Gourmet Donuts

Juice Bar

The Goat

The Rhythm Saloon

Eagles Nest Tavern