Why it is important to Shop Local

It is important to shop locally and beneficial to your community. Studies show in Austin, TX local businesses return three times the amount of corporations back into the local economy. When shopping locally you are directly supporting local people of Mt. Juliet that have a growing business. I do not think it is wrong to assume people who own local businesses are investing in their businesses in ways that benefit our community. When making more profits they would be able to hire more staff, whether that be more cashiers or salespeople, it is local people it is benefitting. 

Along with being beneficial to the local economy it also allows customers to create a more personal experience.  Not only are you forming genuine connections with people, but they are local people in your community. For example, I think most people in our community have dress shopped at Memories. Talking with Mrs. Diane is so much more personable. You do not get the same sincerity shopping for a dress at Walmart or even nice dress store as you will there. 

In addition, I hope to visit and post individually about the businesses I have linked in my blogroll. I also have linked Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce which has a very handy Directory of Mt. Juliet Businesses. It would be very useful to find the product you are looking for locally as opposed to Walmart.

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